Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How do you deal with depression?

Savannah has recently shared her testimony on how God is the foundation for dealing with depression, but she has also been to a therapist and still takes medication to help her each day. How has God provided healing for your depression?

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  1. I believe everybody, no matter what their status, race, sex, or age, is vulnerable to the spirit of depression. Having said that there is different degrees of depression, and while it is simple to say have faith in God and He will guide you. That statement is the truth, the things is God may help you deal with it differently than he does with others. Some may need counseling or talking to a therapist or support group. Some may need medication for a while, or the rest of their life. The bottom line is God has to be at the foundation and throughout the entire process of dealing with depression. Being that depression is a spirit affliction that attacks the physical body, we have to have spiritual medication, and in some instances physical treatments to help the physical nature of us.